Find Balance

As I write this I am thinking of the twelve other things I need to get done for this weekend’s Sleuthfest event in Sarasota. Eventhough I am a head of schedule and my rock star team has been super helpful I still worry about being the best me and sharing what I can on Saturday. It wasn’t until just now that I was reminded of something that really helps me achieve my goals and that is balance… I know… I know… you are thinking everyone says that, but really I know if I take the time out to have a goal that is non-career related or for you non-book related. I am happier, more efficient and relaxed when it comes time to get down and get’er done (excuse my country roots seeping out there). So my tip to you today is to try and make a goal that is just for you and non-book related. See what happens and make sure to share your results!




Today, I wanted to talk a bit about how to have fun promoting your book.  All too often authors equate marketing with not so fun activities like getting a root canal or doing your taxes. However, I believe you can make it a really pleasurable and fulfilling aspect of your life! I know… I know… You’re probably thinking, “Yeah Shelby, but you do this for a living.”

Well… here are FIVE ways to sell more copies, improve your quality of life and have a little fun!

1. Put a Time Limit on Your Promotional Activities

Time management is a struggle for almost everyone. If you make time for marketing then the guilt of not getting it done will decrease and you will have more time and/or energy to go for a run, have dinner with friends, etc.

2.  Make Choices

Despite all the book marketing propaganda out there you can be successful by doing just a few promotional tactics at a time. This is a biggie for social media. There is a reason that I am not active on Twitter. It just isn’t for me.

3. Try New Tactics

Doing the same thing week after week gets old and stale. Just like your physical workout changing it up improves your energy levels and give you more confidence.

4. Buddy Up

Book promotion can be lonely and scary. If you buddy up with another author or marketing coach you will have a cheerleader, springboard and a lot more resources to draw from.

5. Ask for Help

When you are really stuck ask for help! People like to be useful. It makes them feel good and will allow you to get back to the things you like doing.

P.S.  Have a Ritual

I personally work best with a cup coffee and Imagine Dragons playing in the background. By surrounding yourself with things that make you happy your attitude towards the task will radiate the same feeling.