What We Do

Strategy Sessions:

If you are a Do-it-Yourselfer this is a great option! With over six years of experience in the book-marketing field and an intense desire to help you find your way, I can be your compass in the sea of  book promotion. We can chat via phone, Skype, or if you are in the Tampa Bay area we can meet up for a cup of Joe.  Below are two detailed services that other authors have opted for…

Pre Publication Marketing Evaluation: 

This gives authors the upper hand to know who their niche market is prior to print as well as altering any aspects that may hinder sales. I will read what you have and give a detailed list of suggested book alterations and a detailed pre-launch marketing plan.

The What’s Next Plan: 

I evaluate where you have been, where  you are now and give the next three steps towards success. If you are feeling stuck I can help you wash the mud off and find your momentum again. This is done by reading your work, reviewing your current marketing attempts and giving you a detailed road map of where to go now.

Virtual Author Assistant Services: 

If you have had the epiphany that promotion isn’t your thing, but know it needs to get done to do well in the book business. I do provide promotional services. I have listed a few below and if your need isn’t listed… ask me. If I can help I will or I will find someone else who can!


Typically this is the most difficult aspect of marketing for self-published authors today. With so many no-names struggling for their moment in the limelight the truly talented get lost. With my reputation and knowledge of the blogosphere my team and I will provide the prestige and red tape that makes you more desirable to reviewers.  Currently, there are two separate services under this umbrella.

Book Review Solicitation: 

My team and I will find, qualify, and request bloggers, Amazon reviewers and GoodReads librarians to read your work and post their opinions. In a world of instant gratification and personal opinion this service is a great marketing tool!

Story Feeding: Print Media: 

Print media like magazines and newspapers are always looking for content. My team and I will find out what an author’s readers peruse and send in story ideas that will feature the author as the expert or highlight their book.

Website/Blog Design and Maintenance: 

Every author needs to have a “store front” online as the central hub of their marketing efforts. I have a fabulous designer on staff that works with authors to customize a WordPress based blog that will highlight their work and inspire readers.

Social Media Assistance: 

My team and I provide assistance from creation, coaching and monitoring of all major social media sites. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, AuthorCentral Etc.) This service ensures that you will have all the sites you need to drive readers to your website and build a platform to promote your work.

Event Planning and Promotion: 

Being an author is a big deal and local readers want to meet them. I can help find the location, create the purpose and drive the right reader to book events. Some examples of this service are book signings, book club events, speaking engagements and dinner with dialogue.

E-book Conversions:  

A great way to breath life into an old title is to convert it to e-book format. My team and I provide the conversion and several ways to promote in this evolutionary platform.

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